4 Tips for Handling Criticism Gracefully


Let’s face it — no one enjoys being criticized, and if you are a leader, you are subject and vulnerable to criticism. It’s simply just part of the job. Leadership isn’t about being popular or well liked. Sure, it’s nice to feel the love from your team members and colleagues, but if that’s your goal, your organization may suffer from your misplaced priorities. 


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Let’s Work Together! 4 Ways to Improve Collaboration in Your Organization

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The more effectively your people work together, the more effective your organization will be at achieving its objectives and goals. Unfortunately, people don’t always collaborate in ways that benefit the organization’s mission and your vision as a leader.


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You’ve Listened to Employee Feedback. Now What?

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Communication is the energy that powers an organization. Like electricity, it needs to flow in a circuit to be useful. But all too often, leaders impede the flow of communication energy by stopping the conversation once they’ve received feedback from their employees.


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Why Courage Matters: 6 Lessons for Leaders

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Leadership is a role that comes with tremendous benefits for those who are called to it. It also requires a certain level of toughness, determination and courage. Leaders are constantly challenged by the need to make difficult decisions on a daily basis, which requires courage.


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