Emotional Intelligence — What Do the Numbers Mean?

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Intelligent people are often described as having “high IQs.” But more often than not in the business world, the most competent, capable and effective individuals are those with high EQs. In fact, people with average scores on traditional intelligence tests outperform those with high IQs 70% of the time, and the reason is the presence of EQ, or emotional intelligence.


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Do Leadership Fundamentals Still Matter?

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Every day, new books, blog posts, white papers, webinars, workshops and YouTube videos promise to deliver the latest, most up-to-date leadership advice. More has been written about leadership in the last decade than in the century before. New publications about leadership contain insights derived from data and analytics, and they all put a modern spin on what it means to lead in today’s world.


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How to Transform Self-Awareness into a Competitive Advantage

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When experts talk about self-awareness and leadership, they don’t always discuss the advantages leaders can experience. Often, the benefits of self-awareness are described in abstract, ill-defined terms. For example, you have probably read that high levels of self-awareness are linked to healthy relationships or an enhanced ability to develop and nurture personal development. Or you may have heard that self-awareness can help leaders avoid “tunnel vision” or ego-based toxicity. These are all worthwhile endeavors without a doubt, but these promised improvements are a little vague for the average leader.


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Are You Encouraging Curiosity in Your Organization?

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“Be more childlike” is not exactly the advice you would expect to hear from a professional leadership consultant, right? But when it comes to curiosity, we could all learn something valuable from children. Children are masters of curiosity. They explore the world around them with intrigue and fascination. They allow their minds to explore and wonder, and they ask lots of great questions.


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