3 Tips to Create a More Mindful Organization


Mindfulness is much more than the latest buzzword in the personal and professional growth-and-development space. It is an ancient practice that has helped countless people cultivate compassion, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. It deepens one’s connection to life and helps improve focus on the all-important present moment. It seems simple, and yet it is quite profound, especially when you consider just how mindless modern life and work can be at times.


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Are You Hiring for Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional intelligence (EQ) is no longer just a “nice to have” for today’s leaders in business. It is absolutely essential for effective leadership in the world where we live and work. Traditional and classic leadership traits like charisma, determination, accountability, empowerment, innovation and an ability to inspire others are still important, but those traits won’t get leaders very far in today’s business landscape without emotional intelligence.

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How to Keep Your High Performers Happy

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Do you take your high-performing people for granted?

Let’s be honest — we all depend on our top performers to do the heavy lifting necessary to ensure our teams’ and companies’ success. They are always there for you when you need someone to take on the tough projects, or when something absolutely must get done immediately. They may not be the easiest members of your team to manage, but the value they provide is priceless, as they always deliver for you. They are driven, dependable and always willing to add another item to their long list of to-dos, and you can always count on them. In fact, studies reveal that top performers in a wide array of industries are up to 400% more productive than the average employees.

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How to Make Meetings More Meaningful

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It’s no secret that meetings are often considered to be a “necessary evil” in the workplace. In a perfect world, meetings would represent opportunities for people to communicate, share ideas, develop strategies, craft initiatives and build strong bonds with one another. But we waste a significant amount of time in meetings that result in no action, follow-up or delivery of results.  

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