How to Make Meetings More Meaningful

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It’s no secret that meetings are often considered to be a “necessary evil” in the workplace. In a perfect world, meetings would represent opportunities for people to communicate, share ideas, develop strategies, craft initiatives and build strong bonds with one another. But we waste a significant amount of time in meetings that result in no action, follow-up or delivery of results.  

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4 Things You Need to Know About a Growth Mindset

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Effective leadership begins with your thinking and mindset. Every action you take and every word you speak is generated in your mind, so if your mindset is fixed, rigid, or negative, you may experience leadership roadblocks as a result. With the wrong mindset, you are more prone to fail at communication and alienate your people. Or you may become comfortable with the status quo, which will only leave you and your entire organization spinning your wheels.

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5 Leadership Myths Busted!


Sometimes I think it’s a good idea to reflect and look at the conventional wisdom about leadership. Whenever I do this, I notice that some popular though outdated ideas about leadership still get circulated and practiced. It’s amazing that some of these myths continue to persist currently when they were outdated 20 or more years ago. Times change, and so does the meaning of what leading effectively entails.


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6 Signs That You Are Ready for Leadership Coaching


In my role as a leadership consultant, I read almost everything there is to read online about leadership, coaching and professional development. Recently, I came across an article that revealed the signs that an executive is not ready for coaching. It was really interesting and quite thought provoking. And it ultimately reinforced many of my own deeply held beliefs about who can benefit the most from leadership coaching.

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