Leaders Edge Workshop
Attention: Corporate leaders, directors, managers, senior executives, and other high-level corporate professionals
Here’s Your Exclusive Invitation to a Powerful, Role-Changing Event…
Expanding Your Limits Workshop
Discover How to Increase Your Value, Stand Out and Make a Difference By Cultivating the Best Practices of a Grounded Leader™.
You’ll Walk Away With a Customized, Personal Accountability Plan to Execute Immediate and Long-Term, Sustainable Change.

Date: Thursday, October 4, 2018
Location: The Old Mill, Toronto
Time: 8am-3pm Eastern
Full Continental breakfast, lunch, tea & coffee, snacks, included

Price: $497

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Leaders are the critical heartbeat of any organization.

Dealing with ever-changing responsibilities, they need to balance inner calm with strategic decision-making (many times on the fly), be great communicators, inspire their teams while acknowledging individual contributions, build innovation and agility in the organization, and so much more.

Those who succeed at this fine balance are the ones who stand out and make a real difference to the company, its employees and its customers.

But they can’t do it all without help.

“The approach taken by Leaders’ Edge was simple yet very impactful and therefore the “ah ha moments” sometimes exploded out of nowhere making them unforgettable. The facilitator, Joanne, who ran our session, demonstrated the highest level of customer focus that I have seen in a very long time.”

Sheila, Director Leadership & Engagement, Scotiabank

You may be struggling with one or more aspects of your role that leave you feeling:

  • Unsure how to fully embrace your responsibilities as you step into a new leadership role
  • Trapped by limiting beliefs and lack of support to help you fully thrive in the competitive corporate landscape
  • You need a fresh perspective on what's not working for you
  • Like there's so much more you can do to unlock your full potential

It's time to change the game.

Introducing the 8 Pillars of Grounded Leadership

During our time together, you’ll find (or tap deeper into) your why, and get real-world strategies to help make you be more effective leader.

This unique curriculum doesn’t simply spout theory. Every best practice you’ll learn is entirely actionable in the workplace and completely customized to your unique situation.

Price: $497

(Regular price $697)
HST will be charged at time of purchase.

Space is Limited

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Leadership is bigger than a reporting line – it’s about mindset.

When you are a Grounded Leader™, you’ll begin to lead from a place of authenticity, vulnerability and personal power that allows you and others that you influence, to show up in a profound way that builds people up and amplifies results and performance.

The foundation of our leadership pillars and principles are built on self-awareness and mindfulness. It starts and stops with you.


Come explore how to:

  • Show up more powerfully by building the self-confidence you need to trust your intuition and lead in the most authentic and meaningful way.
  • Truly engage and coach your people by developing coaching best practices that deepen the breadth and depth of your influence. 
  • Enhance communication skills so you can build meaningful relationships and move more efficiently toward company goals.
  • Create a culture of accountability where everyone owns their thinking, behavior and works to their greatest strengths.
  • Increase employee engagement by anchoring your approach in the 8 pillars to foster enthusiastic drive and innovation.

“Joanne is a bright, articulate communicator both one-on-one and in larger group settings. She brings a highly professional style to group facilitations and seminars. The feedback from these sessions is consistently positive, and I have no hesitation in both working with her again and recommending her to any organization that could benefit from a Leaders Edge program.”


Gord Brandt, Feldman Daxon Partners

Also included in this deep, rich, and thought-provoking session:
  • Networking and relationship-building with like-minded professionals from various industries across North America.
  • Peer coaching, support and laser coaching from Joanne Trotta.
  • Safe and supportive environment with advanced leadership training that will elevate your thinking beyond your expectations.
  • Comprehensive workbook, exercises, resources and insights to create your foundation for Grounded Leadership.
Price: $497

(Regular price $697)
HST will be charged at time of purchase.

Space is Limited

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Expanding Your Limits Workshop


Thursday, October 4, 2018
21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON
9am – 3pm


Workshop Agenda

8:00 Check-in and Continental breakfast
9:00 Session begins
10:30 Morning break with coffee
12:15-1:00 Catered lunch
2:15 Small bio break
3:00 Wrap up

“The impact has been amazing. It has completely changed my life and how I behave – at work and also at home.”

Jayne Archibald, Sage UK

About Joanne Trotta, Your Seasoned Instructor

Joanne is a dynamic, high-energy and results oriented individual whose core passion is people. She is an established executive with 20+ years of experience in leading teams in various functions. Besides extensive experience in Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales, Client & Partner Management, Project Management, and Technology and Operations, she has a solid background in both highly complex B2B service offerings and mass markets. Joanne spent 12+ years in the telecommunications industry and 6 years in the energy and services business. She is a proven leader in the development of business strategies, project leadership and team-building, with a proven track record for success in execution and building solid life lasting relationships.

During her career in the energy and services business, Joanne became a Certified Facilitator for The Personal Leadership Program and Leaders at Every Level created by The Living Leader. The Personal Leadership Program, as well as working with Penny Ferguson and her team, was life changing for her. It was through this experience that she chose to start living her dream – to help people become more effective leaders in all aspects of life. Joanne founded and built Leaders Edge into the successful venture it is today. Feel free to reach out to her if you would like to know more about their experiences or need assistance in your business.

Refund Policy: If cancellation occurs within 10 days before the workshop, the program purchase will be refunded in full. After that, only 50% of the fee will be refunded. If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can open the space for someone else to join us.