What Does it Mean to Be a Compassionate Leader?

You are smart, agile, and an excellent strategist. You can see the big picture and are a visionary who is also decisive. These are all terrific leadership qualities but, in my opinion, these attributes and others like them only get you halfway to your goal of becoming an excellent leader.

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How to Handle Leadership Transitions Gracefully

Leadership transition—it’s just a simple two-word combination, but it is not an easy change to implement successfully.


Gone are the days when stability and lifelong commitment characterized organizations and their leadership. In the modern world, organizations and their leaders must remain fluid and continuously ready to adapt to change. Information travels faster than ever before, and expectations of productivity are sky high, and people are more willing to improve their lives, careers and titles.

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6 Signs You’re Creating a Toxic Culture with Your Leadership

Toxicity is a topic that keeps coming up in business and society at large. In a previous article, I wrote about how leaders can deal with toxic personalities effectively. As it turns out, the real issue is not the person, but the person's behaviour. I believe that leaders can manage toxicity successfully by approaching the topic with awareness and compassion, and by connecting with those who may be expressing toxic behaviours on a human level.

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Your Career Development Story — No One Can Write it But You

Everyone loves a great story.


Human beings are wired to consider their experiences as narratives, which is why the best films, books, plays and TV shows are so powerful and leave us feeling upbeat and sometimes euphoric. How many times have you heard the phrase, "the story of my life," for example, or heard someone talk about who they would cast in the movie version of their life? Your life is like a story, and within the larger story are smaller tales, and you are the author of them all.

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