Three Ways Leaders Fail at Communication

Communication is one of the pillars of leadership and yet I am constantly amazed by the lack of communication skills demonstrated by leaders I encounter in my line of work. A pattern has emerged for me while observing the organizations I serve who have frustrated, disengaged employees who aren’t producing results. I frequently find a leader who is failing at proper, effective, two-way communication. Communication and killer leadership go hand in hand, and the leaders who take the time to work on their communication skills and self-awareness are the ones whose organizations thrive, not fight to survive.

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Relationships Will Make or Break Your Success. How Strong are Yours?

I often challenge teams and individuals that I work with to think about the health of their overall relationships inside and outside the organizations they work for. Sometimes they look at me puzzled as to why I would ask such a question. Really think about it. It starts with knowing those you work with as people, not just what they do for the organization, but who they are as human beings. That is how the basic human connection is established and the key to any successful relationship is built on the foundation of trust. Imagine if you didn’t trust your immediate manager, employees, or colleagues? How productive and successful are you going to be at moving yourself and team forward?

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Get in the Game

Four Habits to Help Shift Your Mindset and Perform Like a Corporate Super Star

Everything you do as a leader begins with your mindset. It defines how you look at the world, your behavior and what will distinguish you amongst your competition.  Your mindset, which is defined as the established set of attitudes held by someone, isn’t set in stone, even though it can feel that way sometimes. Changing your mindset is a process that requires you to confront your most deeply held beliefs and ideas—about yourself, your organization, and the world around you.  So, where should you begin with the process? Just like athletes who prepare and train for their sport, let's start by looking at the habits and routines that shape your performance.


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Dont Be a Bully - Be a Leader

It should come as no surprise to most of you that I would never recommend “bullying” or the command control style as an effective style of leadership. As you know, I’m all about leading through increased employee engagement, self-awareness, empathy, trust, and vulnerability. But if you pay attention to the subject of leadership in the news, you’ll notice that command and control styles of leadership are

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Leading Millennials

Do You Know How to Communicate with the Next Generation?

One of the most important aspects of growing as a leader is the ability to continuously improve your communication skills. Simply put, great communication and effective leadership go hand in hand, which is why I’m always encouraging leaders to consider how they present themselves through verbal and non-verbal communication.

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Are You on Auto-Pilot?

Self-Awareness and Evaluating Your Own Leadership Style

Are you on auto-pilot? Do you react without thinking things through? Feel stressed and overwhelmed by your workload? If so you might be on what I like to call “auto-pilot”. Navigating through your busy days in reactive mode, trying to survive vs. thrive. Stop the insanity and jump off the corporate hamster wheel!

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Effective Leadership and The Power of Influence

Influential people get things done. Why? Because not only do they produce results on their own; they also have a knack for inspiring others to deliver. As a result, influencers transform their teams into ultra productive units, driven by a desire for excellence and a commitment to achieving the vision set out for them.

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Five (5) Tips to Avoid Becoming a Bad Leader

I’ve been writing a lot about the characteristics of effective leaders in my blog posts. If you’ve been reading, you know that self-awareness, emotional intelligence and a willingness to always improve are critical when it comes to operating effectively as a leader. But today I’d like to turn the tables a bit and examine leadership from a different perspective. 

All of us have had the distinct displeasure of working under leaders who — let’s face it — were simply terrible at leading. These leaders failed to inspire us and our colleagues, and they made us less interested in

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