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Training by Joanne Trotta
Is your team engaged and empowered to take action? Leaders Edge programs create the sustainable change you need.
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Are you exceeding your customers expectations? Leaders Edge coaching programs give you a competitive edge.
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Are you achieving the results you want for your business? Leaders Edge consulting services help you achieve the tangible results you deserve.
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Are your employees engaged? Leaders Edge workshops empower your employees to take action.

Message from Managing Partner, Joanne Trotta


We care about people and we’re passionate about helping you develop a positive and sustainable leadership culture where individuals are engaged to deliver their personal best. Our approach and framework helps you understand what is necessary to achieve the results you want for your business and what it takes to engage employees, exceed your customers expectations and improve bottom line results. Leaders Edge has developed specialized workshops and training programs to help organizations target the following critical areas:

As a company taking part in our programs, you will:

  • Improve employee engagement as you decrease attrition and reduce unproductive time
  • Develop a culture of accountability and ownership
  • Boost customer satisfaction and increase customer lifetime value
  • Grow bottom line results and profitability for your business


Joanne Trotta,

Founder,  Leaders Edge 

20+ years of experience in leading teams with a combined 25+ years in energy & telecom industries

Rose-marie Fernandez

Founder, Coaching Worx

Coach, facilitator and consultant who has worked internationally in diverse environments.


In my past experience through many leadership style courses, the Living Leader Program is fundamentally the most impactful program to positively motivate, challenge and provide individuals the tools to become better leaders. The positive impact of this program has truly changed our management team and style in terms of how we communicate, perform and empower each other every day…”
Kevin Crosgrey, Branch Manager – Delta Controls Inc
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