The Leadership and Communication workshop focuses on what it means to be a leader. We will explore what taking responsibility means and how that transcends into all aspects of your life and we will discuss how our communicating behaviors impact the outcome of our reality and our performance. We all want to be great leaders but what are you willing to do differently, continue doing, and stop doing in order to achieve sustainable leadership for life?
During this three-hour session we will look at leadership from a broader perspective. Is there a difference between management and leadership? What are you doing to take responsibility for your life, your career, and the reality you want and how do you empower others to do the same? Being a leader isn’t about doing “big” things, it’s about doing little things consistently. Come explore these insights and learn more about the leader within you.
We demonstrate that a fundamental element of outstanding leadership is the development of others and examines how we can achieve this through every aspect of our behavior.
Communication is the foundation for developing empowered working relationships and high-performance teams. To achieve goals, it is essential to share them in a way that everyone is involved, understands, and can deliver on requirements. Skills, resources, and ideas are like unplanted seeds and without proper communication they may have great potential but nothing grows.
Leaders not only need to be able to communicate in a clear and concise manner, they must also be able to tailor communication styles to situations and individuals. By analysing communication styles, leaders develop an awareness of outside reactions and can use this understanding to create responses.
Results that participants achieve through the workshop:
  • Increased self-awareness regarding their thinking and behaviour
  • Improved communication skills and better understanding of how to engage and empower others
  • Identify strengths and opportunities and commit to making small changes that have a significant impact
  • Inspire individual confidence and responsibility
  • Expand individual perspective on effective leadership practises
Results that companies achieve through the workshop:
  • Improved performance across metrics due to team buy-in and an increased sense of responsibility among team members
  • Improvements in employee engagement and reduced attrition
  • The ability to exceed customer expectations through growth and team work
  • Cultivate a culture of accountability and ownership at all levels in the organization