At the heart of simple, effective, sustainable leadership for life is The Personal Leadership Program. The program challenges individuals to shift their thinking and behavior towards positive, long-lasting change in all aspects of their life. This is a journey that goes way beyond handing a set of tools and new skills to the individual. It transforms the way people think and act, which brings a wealth of benefits to every aspect of human life.


If we want exceptional performance, we need a fully engaged team. We need to recognize that outstanding leadership is about inspiring people to do things for themselves and it is about freedom.

This program highlights and analyses each individual’s communication style and supports them in moving towards more positive and productive behaviours. We all find ourselves in positions of leadership every day, whether as a colleague, friend, parent or manager – whenever we seek to influence another person we are taking a leadership position. By analyzing each individual’s communication style and developing self-awareness of the positive behaviours needed to achieve outstanding results, we can rapidly improve individual and team performance. 


Results that companies and individuals will achieve through the program:

  • Increased individual responsibility Increased profitability and engagement levels
  • The ability to exceed customer expectations
  • Identification of competitive advantages
  • Revitalized, engaged, and high performing teams
  • Positive change that can be cascaded throughout the company or in your life

We will work with you and your team to evaluate performance before and after the program so you can see the tangible results for your team and your business.

Watch Penny Ferguson, the founder of Personal Leadership Program introduce the three-day program.