4 Confidence-Building Exercises for Leaders

confidence building

When I think about the qualities and actions that separate highly effective leaders from average ones, my mind is often drawn to the topic of self-confidence. What stands out to me is the fact that the most successful leaders treat leadership development as an ongoing process and journey. It's not an event or about showing up for training a few times per year; it's about possessing a winning mindset, being self-motivated with the desire to continually improve, not only for yourself but those around you.


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How to Identify Your Values and Become a Better Leader

Identifying, defining, and refining your values is critical for you to find meaning in your life and your work. Your values represent the beliefs, feelings, ideas, and concepts that are most important to you. Your belief system forms them and defines what you stand for as an individual. They provide guidance and motivation, and they fuel your inspiration. Ultimately, one's values form the basis of one's identity.

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Leading with Agility During Complex Times — 4 Tips for Success

leading with agility

As a leader, you might be naturally inclined to make things as simple, streamlined and straightforward as possible. You have a gift for seeing the big picture and for being able to paint meaningful representations of your vision with broad strokes. Your employees surely appreciate your ability to convey your organization’s mission in this way because it helps them focus on what is necessary to achieve success. However, you have probably noticed that the farther we travel into the hyper-connected, high-tech modern business world, the more difficult it is to keep things simple.

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What Does it Mean to Be a Compassionate Leader?

You are smart, agile, and an excellent strategist. You can see the big picture and are a visionary who is also decisive. These are all terrific leadership qualities but, in my opinion, these attributes and others like them only get you halfway to your goal of becoming an excellent leader.

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