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NRG Retail Case Study

Background: Back in early 2013, three companies merged together under one umbrella – Energy Plus, Green Mountain Energy and NRG Residential Solutions, in addition expanded into the North East region. The three companies each had their own unique cultures and people and there were challenges integrating the leadership team as expected when 3 distinct organizations come together. Communication across the organization was ineffective and also lacked ownership and accountability across the various levels. Our mandate was to triple the business within 3 years, and therefore it was imperative that the teams come together working towards a common goal to ensure the success of the integration.

Objective: Our goal was to create a unified, high-performing team in the Northeast, with functions that worked across all of our 3 brands, driving increases in customer count, improvements in employee engagement and customer experience, all resulting in increasing shareholder value.

Implementation: We partnered with Nazim Jamal at Leaders Edge Inc.for delivery of The Personal Leadership Program to our key 15 Leaders within NRG North East Division, led by James Steffes – President and Paul Keene- VP & GM, as the key sponsors. We held the 3 day program off site to ensure that we had the focus and environment conducive to learning that allowed for open and honest conversations.

Result: The power of the program allowed the team to get to know each other as ‘people’ first which led to improving their relationships both personally and professionally. By the end of the first day, we started to see a transformation taking place where the team started to communicate more effectively and work more cohesively as an operating unit. After day 3 was completed, the team was working together towards a common goal and vision to collectively help grow the business. Nazim’s ability to get the team engaged, sharing honest feedback, willingness to work together, and their passion for the business was renewed. Within months, we acquired Dominion Energy and we were able to integrate the new organization within 10-12 weeks since we all worked extremely hard and cohesively. The Personal Leadership Program was the catalyst that helped us achieve our goal of improving cross-functional teamwork and improved our ability to achieve our results by working together towards a common goal.

Recommendation: I would highly recommend any organization to employ Leaders Edge Inc. Nazim’s innate ability to connect with people, his business acumen and his passion (Juiced, Jazzed and Enthused) allowed NRG to be more effective, as a Leadership Team. Leaders Edge Inc. customized the program to align with our business objectives, industry, language and vision. The overall rating from the Leadership Team that attended The Personal Leadership Program was over 95% for the program and 98% for Leaders Edge Inc.
Paul Keene
VP & GM, Mass Markets
NRG Retail Northeast


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SalesLoft Case Study

Background: Revenue Group/SalesLoft based out of Beachwood, Ohio employs a small commercial team of 21 sales agents, including a floor coach and a floor manager. When the agents attended the two day Leadership Program, in November, half of the team (including the floor coach) had tenure of less than a month.

Objective: Our goal was to create synergy amongst the entire team, including the floor coach and floor manager. We want to create a selling atmosphere that allows the selling agents to assist one another in the event that their coach or manager is away from the team. Our incentive plan is based upon a team SPH as well as an individual SPH. Another goal we have set for the team is the ability to communicate effectively to the customer, their peers and upper management.

Implementation: The seminar was held off-site in order to allow the agents/managers to focus strictly on the material with no work distractions. The feedback we received was very positive having the seminar away from the office. We will continue this practice in the future.

Results: One word can sum up the results we continue to experience due to the seminar, INCREDIBLE! All of the 21 selling agents, including the coach and manager raved about the two-day session with Nazim Jamal. The biggest tool that the agents have responded to since the training is the importance of ASKING the right questions and LISTENING to the customer’s requests – their goal is to never be in the “RED” – “shutting out” the customer is detrimental to our success.

Since the seminar, our numbers throughout the entire team have increased 22% since previous months. The communication between the selling agents on the floor and during meetings has become very effective. Most importantly, our floor coach and floor manager have implemented the push/pull method during every coaching/development session with the agents. As the director of the floor, I will continue to use this method during all of my weekly manager meetings. It is so rewarding to see the managers find the answer or solve a problem by thinking things through using the push/pull method. This method has been a heaven sent to all of us on the energy floor.

In closing, the opportunity for the team to attend the leadership training with Nazim Jamal will continue to pay dividends for us in the future. Our plan is to allow all of our agents to experience the training in the upcoming year. This seminar has made all of us better in our business lives, as well as our personal lives.


Small Commercial Sales


Small Commercial Sales Team Case Study

Provided by Team Manager

Background:  Small Commercial team is made up of 7 representatives and 1 supervisor.  At the time of our journey half of the team was made up of new team members.

Objective:  To build a strong foundation within our new and existing team members.  Establish spirit of teamwork and trust, identify new and effective communication tools for both co-workers and customers and learn how to become an inspirational leader.

Implementation: The manager and representatives that make up the Small Commercial team attended a 3 day Leadership Journey Program.  The meeting was off site allowing us to obtain a more relaxed and informal setting for employees to open up be engaged during the meeting.

Results: The small business team experienced improvement in employee engagement and delivered exemplary business results.  We attended our Leadership class the first week in May 2012.  Our sales for May grew 14% over the previous month of April.  They have only kept going up from there. In June of the same quarter they grew 7% over May.  These steady increases are attributing to us staying ahead of our current Annual Sales Goal for 2012.

These results are driven by the sales team asking the right questions though the push/pull method as well as insights they gain by looking at the stimulus/response model.  The team now takes the time to take a step back and think things through prior to responding in a negative way ending a response to an email that may have upset them and/or give a elevated response to a customer who may be upset at a situation but taking it out on the representative on the phone.

The small changes implemented on how we speak to customers and each other (co-workers) drives our success.  We continue to proactively use the tools learned from the modules during our journey not only about oneself but each other as individuals allowing us to stand strong together and grow closer not only as a team but as a family.

Employees Speak Out – Small Commercial Team

I feel that the push and pull model and stimulus response model have helped me in my home life communicate better with friends and family. It has helped me professionally, allowing me the tools to perform better and help me personally to better understand myself which in return help me to improve my sales numbers.”

On a personal note, I did learn to communicate better with my family, people on a day to day basis, as well as my customers. Prior to the journey I was quick to “shut people out” and talk over them but recently I catch myself and slow my pace and allow people the opportunity to express themselves. I also practice the Stimulus Response method daily, which has prevented many verbal altercations with those closest to me. In conclusion it was a great experience and it taught me a lot of necessary information to become a better individual.”

The Leadership Journey was a life changing experience that has had such an impact on not only my coworkers and myself, but also my friends and family. Having the tools to communicate with each other and keep a conversation moving and productive has helped me so much. Using this tool not only am I able to learn more about others, I am also able to confidently give my opinions in order to build upon any discussion. I appreciate being able to take this journey with my team, with each day we are growing closer as a group.”

The journey has given me a better understanding of myself and my co workers.  It has really made me think about the struggles we all go through on a daily basis and gave us all a different way to approach each other. It was a definite life changing experience for me.”

I feel the leadership journey helped me not only professionally, but personally as well from the standpoint that I am more attentive to what people are saying to me, and also, I truly believe it has enabled me to handle stress factors more appropriately”

I am grateful for the opportunity to have gone through such an enlightening class. I have learned so much about my team/co-workers that allow me to better appreciate their daily struggles but also how to better assist them through difficult times.  I have also learned how to engage my customers, team and employees to gather information from the push/pull method.”

British Gas


British Gas Case Study

When a new managing director at the company’s British Gas Business division needed to turn around performance, personal leadership was a vital and effective intervention. The business outcomes were staff involvement and increased profitability. And recently this investment in personal leadership resulted in the division being voted by its own employees into Financial Times’ ‘Best Places to Work’ and Sunday Times’ ‘Best Companies to Work For’.

British Gas Business: The Measurable Results of Personal Leadership
Background: When a new Managing Director arrived at British Gas Business, he saw an opportunity to tap into the potential which this division of Centrica plc had to build on its successes. The division sells gas to businesses throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Objective: To strip away some of the elements of behaviour and activities which were not compatible with the business strategy.

A solution: One of the British Gas Business managers had recently taken part in the Personal
Leadership Programme. His feedback and review of the programme to the HR Director and the MD captured their enthusiasm and imagination. They felt that this might help generate the involvement and sense of ownership necessary to achieve the business goals.

Implementation: In just six weeks, 200 managers experienced the PLP. Their shared journey created new behaviours and established a common language.
HR Director Jill Sheddon explains: “We have always recognised that the knowledge and experience of our people is what makes us strong; so generating more open, free-flowing communication that captured, shared and capitalised on the knowledge and experience of our team was really exciting.”

Results: British Gas Business saw positive impacts quickly, achieving a significant, positive shift in employee engagement, absence and labour turnover statistics – employee engagement increased by 21%!  One of the most significant and key measures of success for the business was the reduction in repeat customer calls, which means improved customer service and increased profitability.
“Profit was up by over 50% and we were the most successful division in 2005”, adds Jill.
“This has been driven by the increased ownership from the front line and the recognition that they have received for the great work that they have done.

“Leadership isn’t just about the inspirational leader who leads this team. It’s about developing everyone so that they have the chance to make the difference. Finally it’s about doing the little things that give them the belief and understanding that ‘they’ are the difference.”

The employees speak out: In 2006, employees of British Gas Business voted theirs one of the top companies to work for in two surveys carried out by the Financial Times and the Sunday Times.  As quoted in Financial Times: “There is enough energy at British Gas Business to power the entire United Kingdom – and that is just from the staff. You can feel the positively electric enthusiasm the moment you walk into the firm’s headquarters.”

As delivered by The Living Leader.



Somerfield Case Study

More engaged employees provide a better shopping experience for customers. The Personal Leadership Programme had a major impact on staff engagement and customer satisfaction. It has been delivered from board level to store manager level.
Somerfield – Leadership is all about Cherry Pies

Background: In April 2003, this major UK supermarket chain carried out its first staff attitude survey. Although the results were encouraging in many areas, the new CEO set operational targets which required a more committed and engaged workforce. Other research showed that in the stores where employees were engaged and motivated, the customers had a better shopping experience, proving that ‘happy employees equal happy customers’ – a prerequisite in a competitive industry where the needs of customers keep changing.

Objective: A more engaged workforce to achieve better sales and business results.

A solution: The proposal to use the Personal Leadership Programme (PLP) received mixed support from the retailer’s executive management team, so it was decided to run the programme on a trial basis to see how it was received and if it was suitable for the company’s needs.  Initial results were staggering. Senior Managers returned and volunteered feedback without being prompted. They highlighted what they had learnt and, more importantly, indicated how they intended to behave differently. A full evaluation showed that there was a real change in behaviour which strongly corresponded with the cultural changes the company was looking for.

Implementation: Within 3 months, all 130 senior managers including the Board had experienced the programme. Following this initial success, an in-house Programme Leader team was formed to roll out the PLP to 2,000 managers across the company. An essential success factor was that the Programme Leaders represented the business – a buyer, an IT professional, two retail field managers, a store refit manager and two HR professionals.

The results – success smacks of cherry pies: One of the first success stories directly attributed to the Leadership Development Programme involved a particular store where the sales of cherry pies rose from 10 to 200. Thereafter every success achieved was dubbed a ‘cherry pie’ and it was not long before countless cherry pies were announced.

Hard evidence of the success was found in the company’s 2005 staff opinion survey which showed a vast improvement in employee engagement. The company’s own Brand Image Monitor also revealed that those stores that had completed the programme showed a positive shift in customer experience measures.

The client speaks out: “Meetings are more productive. There is no shutting out, we involve the whole team, are appreciative of each other’s contributions, being more supportive of each other, working together to achieve business goals.  The true measure of the effectiveness of a programme is not what you come away intending to do, but what you actually do when you return to the workplace. The programme has changed the way I approach things at work and at home for the better.”

As delivered by The Living Leader.